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Become an active part of the PAPG.

Become an active part of the PAPG.

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Call for Officer Nominations

- The PAPG is coming to an end

- Please consider volunteering to run for an officer position for the 2016-2017 year

- If you have any question, contact any of the current officers



The 2015-2016 PAPG Season is underway.


Please consider sponsoring the PAPG for the new season.  The sponsors' page will be updated following the first meeting.


For more information go to the sponsors' page

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PCPG Marcellus Statement

      The Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists has released a mission statement related to the Marcellus Shale Development.   Statement Release


AAPG Imperial Barrel

Record number of Eastern Section teams competing.  Sponsorships are needed.  Corporate and personal sponsorships accepted and appreciated.


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